Creating Test Case

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Proposing New Test Cases

Any party interested in using the Interoperability Test Platform can propose new test cases using the template presented here. For this, it is important to follow the creation guide starting from a use case, to understand its application context, then determine which paths should/need to be tested. Then, it is possible to use the template shown below to create the test cases for each path. The creation of new test cases is based on the following roadmap:

  1. Elaboration and understanding of the scenario you want to test;
  2. Creation of a use case that can be implemented by ITP;
  3. Description of the use case following the model available here;
  4. Definition of the paths that should be tested for the use case (happy and unhappy flows);
  5. Preparation of each test case following the model below.

Using the Test Case visual Editor

Although test cases are often quicker to produce using the YAML syntax, it is also possible for users with the Test Case Creator role to edit test cases directly through the web interface.