Installation Guide

The interoperability test platform is built using Docker, which means that each component can run on any environment which supports Docker. Installation guides are available for Ubuntu, macOS and Windows.

Additionally, each component is developed using microservices which are coordinated using docker-compose. On Windows and macOS, docker-compose should be installed automatically with Docker. On a Linux host, docker-compose must be installed separately using this guide.

You can check that both Docker and docker-compose have been correctly installed by running the following commands on your machine:

$ docker --version
# Docker version 19.03.11, build 42e35e61f3
$ docker-compose --version
# docker-compose version 1.26.0, build d4451659

Finally, we recommend the use of git to download source code and fetch updates, along with the use of make to simplify installation. Installation guides for git for all platforms can be found here. Instructions for installing make are also available for Ubuntu, macOS and Windows.