How to Use this Documentation

The documentation exposed here seeks to guide those interested in using the Interoperability Test Platform. The sections available in the sidebar menu cover the main topics needed to understand the platform, its installation and use. As this project is growing and adapting to new requirements, this documentation is dynamic and is constantly evolving to suit those changes.

This documentation is divided into 5 main parts:

  1. Architecture: This section contains information on how the platform is structured, its components and relationships, and how the performed tests are addressed by each component.

  2. Installation: This section contains the steps required for local installation of the platform and simulators, as well as the configuration of components that will be used as System Under Test.

  3. Use Cases: This section contains a guide on how Use Cases are approached, which ones are currently available in the platform, and how to create or propose new use cases. This section also shows the use cases currently under development.

  4. Test Cases: This section lists all test cases available on the platform grouped by use case and test path (happy and unhappy flows).

  5. User Manual: This section aims to help those who wish to use the platform using a lower technical approach. It contains instructions on how to create sessions and run tests using sample screens to improve user orientation.