How do I contribute?

For code contributions (bug fixes, new features, etc), jump in here:

  1. Read through the Architecture Guide to understand how the ITP code is structured across multiple projects. environment.

  2. Ensure you are familiar with our recommended tools.

  3. Read through the Installation Guide to set up a development environment.

  4. Browse through the project board and find a good first issue.

  5. Check the Writing New Code page to understand more about our development workflow.

For new test-cases or use cases, you may not need to read the architecture or installation guides. Instead, review the Use Case and Test Case creation guides.

What needs doing?

Work that needs doing is tracked as issues across all test platform repositories. These are:

Github issues from all of these repositories are collected on our Github project board. The best place to start is an issue marked as "good first issue". Alternatively, anything that is in the backlog and not already assigned to someone is something we would welcome contributions for.

Once you've picked an issue that you'd like to help with, please leave a comment in the issue to check that nobody else has already started working (and to stop anyone else from duplicating your work later!).

If you think there's something missing from the platform but you can't find a corresponding issue, feel free to create a new one to discuss the new feature. It's worth doing this before you start working, to make sure that we will accept the contribution once it's ready.

Where do I send bugs, questions, and feedback?

For bugs, see the "Reporting bugs" page. If you have any other questions, or need support in getting started, send an email to