The Interoperability Test Platform

The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab continues to support the mobile money industry to develop the mobile financial ecosystem and enable a broad range of digital transactions. It makes mobile wallets central to the lives of the financially excluded and underserved, providing them with better solutions to manage their financial resources and face economic shocks. Mobile money is poised to evolve from a platform of 500 million accounts to reach more than a billion emerging market consumers, bringing financial access to the previously underserved and excluded.

The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab has published a set of harmonised Mobile Money Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and now is looking at how to expand the Mobile Money market through interoperability. The GSMA is working with its members, and mobile money industry partners to support the interoperability market using the Mojaloop technology. Thus, the Inclusive Tech Lab has dedicated efforts to create a platform for interoperability testing.

This test environment provides a set of simulators to test different scenarios, where the System Under Test (SUT) can be a Service Provider (SP) or a Digital Financial Services Provider (DFSP). The test environment is composed of a portal, test controller and set of simulators, each of which can be replaced with "real" operational software. The diagram below describes an example of this flow.


The Interoperability Test Platform allows the user to choose one of the components in the diagram above to assess its behaviour in different scenarios. This allows the interoperability of the system to be tested through several test cases, evaluating the different paths that transactions can take. This project is still growing and our goal is to add more components and assessment scenarios. The Interoperability Test Platform is also released under the MIT license, which allows interested parties to use the platform and its source code.